LED Light Source

product model FHL-102


LED Light Source


  • Rich lineup of LED heads
  • Adjustable light intensity
  • Timer function *Option
  • Attachable lens units
  • Filter holder *Option
  • Custom wavelengths
  • Long lamp life

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LED light source CL-1501

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Lens options

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Timer unit CL-TCN1

figure CL-1501 Configuration figure CL-1501 LED Lineup figure CL-1501 LED and Lends
figure Narrow-angle Lens
Narrow-angle Lens

This lens unit reduces the spread of LED light.
You can easily illuminate a sample from the side of a test tube.
It is also possible to increase the light intensity by adding LED heads.

figure Light Guide Rod
Light Guide Rod  *Custom

You can illuminate a sample in a micro tube via the light guide rod.

product Timer CL-TCN1
Timer CL-TCN1

It counts within the range of 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds.
You can choose countdown mode or countup mode.

Model CL-1501
Light control method Digital control 0-100 %
Output control method Constant current control
Number of outputs 1 channel
Maximum output current 350mA, 500mA, 700mA, 900mA
  *Auto-judge according to a connected LED head
External ON/OFF External ON/OFF control function*
Simultaneous control Daisy chain up to 8 units*
Supply voltage Power supply AC adapter
  Input: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
  Output: 15V1.2A
Connector for LED heads D-sub 9 pin
Connector for daisy chain R03-R3F (Trigger OUT), R03-R3M (Trigger IN)
Recommended environment Temperature 5 - 35 deg C
  Humidity 20 - 75% *Avoid condensation
  For indoor use only
Cooling method Natural cooling
Dimensions 141(W) x 98(D) x 53(H)mm
Weight 425g
*A dedicated external device is required.