Compact Xenon Light Source 100W

product model LAX-C100


Heatless illumination with desired wavelengths


  • IR heat blocking by mirror module*
  • Built-in filter holder*
  • Adjustable light intensity
  • Flexible illumination by light guide
  • No need of optical axis alignment
  • RS232C remote control
The mirror module blocks the heat and stray light

The LAX-C100 is the reasonable xenon light source with xenon 100W lamp.
The proprietary mirror module blocks the heat and stray light, and only desired wavelength range is obtainable.

The LAX-C100 can also emit monochromatic light by the bandpass filter.
*Mirror module, filter holder and optical filters are optional.

figure LAX-C100 Optical System
figure Monochromatic Light with Optical Filters
Monochromatic Light with Optical Filters

Monochromatic light output by optical filter

  • Bright monochromatic light
  • Instead of multiple wavelength laser
  • Output beam is brighter than monochromator

figure UV Light Source
UV Light Source

UV light output without IR heat

  • Bright UV light
  • It is also possible to obtain the desirable UV wavelength range with
    the combination of optical filters
product Mirror Module
Mirror Module (Option)

This sophisticated optical unit consists of four cold mirrors to block unwanted energy from xenon lamp and only desired throughput is obtainable. The LAX-C100 offers 4 types of mirror module.

figure spectrum comparison

product Filter Holder
Filter Holder (Option)

There are 2 types of the filter holder.
1. 25mm dia. x 2 pcs.
2. 50mm dia. or 50 x 50mm x 1 pc.

figure Usage example of 25mm dia. Holder

product XBPA and XHQA Series Optical Filters
Optical Filters

Asahi Spectra produces varieties of precise optical filters to help modification of spectral output from the LAX-C100. Our bandpass filter series allow users to obtain the desirable spectral throughput to suit wide variety of applications more precisely while eliminating unwanted energy.

figure UV filter Example XHQA254
Wavelength (nm) Item # Mirror Module
254∼290 XHQA254 - XHQA290 UVB
300∼390 XHQA300 - XHQA390 UVA
400∼700 XBPA400 - XBPA700 VIS
710∼900 XBPA710 - XBPA900 IR

*Contact us for information about filters not listed above

product Light Guide
Light Guide

The illuminating light from the LAX-C100 is delivered to the point of use by the light guide efficiently.

figure Light Guide Spectral Performance

product Collimator Lens
Collimator Lens

Collimator lens reduces the divergence of light from the light guide and provide uniform light output. It is suitable for directional backlighting which requires clear silhouette of an object.

figure Collimator Lens
Model LAX-C100
Output wavelength 240 - 1000nm
  (It depends on the mirror module.)
Circuit method Switching power supply
Input voltage AC100V 50/60Hz (Input range: AC 90 - 132V)
  AC200V 50/60Hz (Input range: AC198 - 264V)
  *Select input voltage when placing an order.
Apparent power Less than 350VA (100V/50Hz)
  Less than 440VA (240V/50Hz)
Lamp type Xenon lamp 100W
Lamp voltage, current 12.8 - 14V 7.2A (DC) *Representative value
Lamp life 500h (Average)
  *When the light intensity has decreased by 50% from the initial value.
Optical axis alignment Cartridge type (Alignment-free)
Cooling method Forced air cooling
Shutter Pulsed motor drive
Light intensity control 100 - 5 (Steps) Continuously variable
Controller Built-in
Remote control RS232C
  *The cable must be less than 3m.
Safety mechanism Xenon lamp problem, Rear door is open,
  Lamp usage exceeds 500 hours, Cooling fan problem,
  Temperature anomaly
Recommended environment Temperature 10 - 35 deg C
  Humidity 20 - 80%
  *Avoid condensation
Dimensions 200(W) x 340(D) x 245(H)mm
Weight 8.2kg