High-power Xenon Light Source with Double 400W Lamps

product model MAX-400d


Approximately 400% higher output in VIS range compared to MAX-350


  • High power output in VIS range
  • Simple operation
  • Adjustable light intensity
  • Flexible illumination by light guide
  • No need of optical axis alignment
  • Optical filter is mountable *Option
  • RS-485 remote control
Output Spectrum of MAX-400D

It is approximately 400% higher in VIS range compared to MAX-350.

figure MAX-400D Overview
Output spectrum of MAX-400D
Bright light source for the following applications:
  • High speed camera
  • Evaluation of camera sensor
  • Image processing system
  • Microscope with high speed camera
  • Backlight illumination
product Multi-branch light guide
Multi-branch Light Guide

Output light from MAX-400D is delivered to a desired direction by the light guide.

figure Multi-branch light guide

product RLQ collimator lens
Collimator Lens

Each collimator lens is designed to provide the uniform illumination by using with the light guide.

figure RLQ collimator lens

product Optical filter
Optical Filter

We offer a wide variety of optical filters. Please contact us for details.
Usable filters - Size: 50x50mm / Thickness: Less than 6mm

Model MAX-400D
Output wavelength 400 - 700nm
  (Super cold filter YSC0750 is equipped.)
Input voltage AC100 - 240V±10% 50/60Hz
Apparent power Less than 1360VA (AC100-240V, 50/60Hz)
Lamp type Xenon lamp 400W (VIS) x 2 pcs
Lamp voltage, current 14.3V 28A(DC) *Representative value
Lamp control method Constant-current system
Guaranteed lighting time 500h *Under our conditions, less than 1 year after delivery
Optical axis alignment Cartridge type (Alignment-free)
Cooling method Forced air cooling
Function Shutter
  Light intensity control (manual) *It can be decreased to about 30% assuming that the max. light intensity is 100%.
  Lamp usage hour counter (unit: h)
  Filter holder (50mm dia. or 50x50mm, t<6mm)
Remote control RS-485
Safety mechanism Spare fuse is installed, Overcurrent protection
  Lamp turns off and warning lamp turns on:
  Lamp anomaly / Top cover is open
  Cooling fan problem / Temperature anomaly
Recommended environment Temperature 10 - 35 deg C
  Humidity 20 - 80% *Avoid condensation
Dimensions 390(W) x 341(D) x 292(H)mm
Weight 19.8kg