We offer useful equipment for photochemistry. Our light source blocks the IR range of the xenon spectrum. Thus, customers won't destroy a sample by IR heat. In addition, it is possible to switch several monochromatic wavelengths easily. We have many options for illuminating a sample.
The light guide rod illuminate a sample in liquid.

Photochromic Materials Research

  • Suitable for research of photochromic behavior
  • Easy to switch wavelengths by filter wheel

figure Photoisomerization of Azobenzene

Photocatalytic Study

  • Suitable for evaluation of wavelength response
  • Easy to switch wavelengths by filter wheel

figure Light absorbance of TiO2 and Max-350 + bandpass filter

Reference papers

  • The list of reference papers
  • Our illuminator is used in these papers.
product model MAX-303


Heatless illumination with desired wavelengths for photochemical research


  • High power monochromatic light
  • IR heat blocking
  • Built-in filter wheel
  • Adjustable light intensity

Movie clips

MAX-350 Movie 1

How does it emit a monochromatic light?

MAX-350 Movie 2

Multi wavelength illumination

MAX-350 Movie 3

Uniform illumination

product Light Guide Rod Unit

LG Series

Light Guide Rod Unit


  • Quartz probe with high chemical resistance
  • Not affected by the spectral characteristics of a container
  • Insertable into the slender container such as a NMR tube
  • Taper shape is available for a micro tube
  • Washable probe
  • Custom probe

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Movie clips

Image LGR6-150 video

Movie clip - LGR6-150

Image LGR2-30 video

Movie clip - LGR2-30