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Neutral Density Filters

figure Neutral Density Filters

Neutral Density Filters are the reflective type of ND filters, which are used to control the light intensity. Coated chromel layer attenuates the light by mainly reflecting and partially absorbing. Our ND filters are designed to keep spectrally even performance especially in VIS range without altering the relative spectral distribution of the energy. Still they are available from UV through IR because the substrate material is fused silica. 6 kinds of attenuation rate are available.

Description Transmission (%) Item#
25mm dia. 50x50mm
Neutral Density Filter / 1% 1 XND0001 ZND0001
Neutral Density Filter / 3% 3 XND0003 ZND0003
Neutral Density Filter / 6% 6 XND0006 ZND0006
Neutral Density Filter / 12% 12 XND0012 ZND0012
Neutral Density Filter / 25% 25 XND0025 ZND0025
Neutral Density Filter / 50% 50 XND0050 ZND0050