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UV Shortpass Filters

figure UV Shortpass Filters

Our UV shortpass filters are designed to have a very sharp transition between the reflect and pass bands
while maintaining very high transmission at UV pass bands. The spectral transmission properties are uniform
over the entire aperture of the filters. UV shortpass filters can be combined with our UV longpass filters in pairs
to create a variety of transmission bands.

Description Cut-off (nm) Thickness (mm) Item#
25mm dia. 50x50mm
Shortpass Filter / UV 265nm 265 1 XUS0265 ZUS0265
Shortpass Filter / UV 300nm 300 1 XUS0300 ZUS0300
Shortpass Filter / UV 325nm 325 1 XUS0325 ZUS0325
Shortpass Filter / UV 350nm 350 1 XUS0350 ZUS0350
Shortpass Filter / UV 350nm 350 1 XHS0350 ZHS0350
Shortpass Filter / UV 385nm 385 1 XUS0385 ZUS0385
Shortpass Filter / UV 385nm 385 1 XHS0385 ZHS0385
Shortpass Filter / UV 400nm 400 1 XHS0400 ZHS0400